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“How A Short Film Helped Me Touch My Daughter The Beauty Of Natural Hair” [HELLOGIGGLES]

Carnival Empowered Me to Love My Curves Long Before Body Positivity Was a ‘Trend’” [STYLECASTER]

Joe Budden, Nicki Minaj & Queen Radio, Jay Z & the NFL & More | State Of The Culture S2E3” (Start at 12:25) [Revolt TV]

“Lucky Daye’s Road To “Painted” - Album Review” [Manifesto]

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“2018 Was The Year Of Online Hate. Meet The People Whose Lives It Changed” [Washington Post]

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"The Joe Budden Podcast With Rory & Mal - Episode 195: "The Don" (Start at 37:41) [Spotify]

"White Women Are Being Exposed For 'Posing' As Mixed Race And The Internet Is Pissed" [Popbuzz]

"Bad Buzz: Ces Influences Blanches Se Font Passer Pour Des Femmes Noires Ou Metisses" [Glamour Paris]

"White Models Are Passing As Black On IG And Twitter Is Calling Them Out For ‘N****rfishing" [Blavity]

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“Crates” [The Gumbo]

”Writers Reflect On Ms. Lauryn Hill’s “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” [TIDAL]

"How One Tweet About Nicki Minaj Spiraled Into Internet Chaos" [NYTimes]

"Nicki Minaj's Queen Rollout Reeks Of Desperation and Hypocrisy" [Forbes]

“Fan Culture Can Be Wildly Empowering — And At Times, Widly Problematic” [Bustle]

“When Superfans Attack” [NYTimes Podcast: Popcast]

“Face Tune” [Joe Budden Podcast]“You’ve Got Mail” [The Read Podcast]

“Nicki Minaj And Her Fans Attack Canadian Writer Online After Tweet” [Global News]

“How A Toronto Writer’s Tweet About Nicki Minaj Spiralled Into Internet Chaos” [The Star]

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“LOL: The Internet Puts Diddy On Blast After Cropping French Montana Out This Photo” [BET]

“Diddy’s Ice Cold Cropping Skills Back In Action” [Paper Mag]

"Teen Vogue Editor In Cheif Elaine Welteroth Announces Departure From Conde Nast" [Affinity Magazine]

"17 For '17: The Artists We Talked About [BET]

"Women Focused Caribbean Carnival Party Lets Women Of Colour "Be Open, Be Wild, Be Free" [CBC]

“From "Queen Of Rap" To "ShETHER": A Quick Remy Ma Vs. Nicki Minaj Refresher” [Revolt TV]

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